Please read our Privacy Policy to learn how Bonafide Translatørbyrå AS – a Norwegian limited company – uses your personal data in our operations and on this webpage.

Processing of personal data in Bonafide Translatørbyrå AS

When you use our webpage and/or contact us as vendor or client or otherwise, Bonafide Translatørbyrå AS will process your personal data and any documents you submit. Please see below for information about the personal data that we process, why we do this, and your rights in respect of personal data and documents processing.

What type of data do we collect, and why?

Contact details

We collect and process personal data for various purposes depending on the reason for processing and how we get in touch with you. We collect the following personal data for the purposes stated here:

  • To respond to enquiries we receive, where we will process details such as your name, telephone number, email address and any personal data resulting from such enquiry. Processing of personal data relies on a balance-of-interests consideration. We consider that this is often necessary to help you with your enquiry.
  • We process personal data for the contact persons of our clients, vendors and other partners, as well as potential clients and vendors. Information under this item is restricted to contact details, and processing relies on a balance-of-interests consideration, where we consider that we have just cause for processing such contact details, and in our view, these interests do not compromise the personal data protection rights of the data subjects.
  • Information that you provide, either through explicit consent (by voluntarily giving us your contact details through forms to contact us or place an order), or voluntary implicit consent (by accepting the use of cookies when using our website, unless you have disabled this option), will be collected and used separately.
  • The following data are stored in our case files and accounting system:
    • Client’s name, telephone number, email address and the like.
    • Vendor’s name, telephone number, email address, account number and the like.
  • Any contact details (if provided) and communication and documents from you received from our webpage will be transmitted to the person responsible in Bonafide Translatørbyrå AS. We will respond to your enquiry using the contact details you have provided.

Information and documents submitted by email or directly in the contact form will be stored to deliver the required service. Please note that enquiries submitted directly by email are not encrypted. We therefore encourage you not to submit secret, sensitive or other confidential information by email.

Personal data in files or documents

When you send us files or documents for us to translate or otherwise, you are the data controller. It is then your primary responsibility to ensure you have obtained permission from the owner of the data or have other legal grounds for sending us files or documents containing personal data. This is particularly important if the details are sensitive or confidential.

What do we do with personal data in files and documents?

We do not extract personal data from files or documents. They will only be processed in the context where they appear. Our internal control ensures efficient and secure processing of all data, also personal data.

Sensitive personal data

If you send us files or documents containing sensitive personal data belonging to a third party, it is your responsibility to obtain any permissions required and to ensure you have legal grounds to process such data.

Non-disclosure of personal data

We do not disclose your personal data to anyone except when legal grounds for such disclosure exist. Examples of such legal grounds would typically be a contract with you or a legal requirement to disclose information.

Transfer of data to non-EU/EEA countries

In some case, parties with whom we cooperate, are in another country. In that event, it may be necessary to transfer data to other countries, also to non-EU/EEA countries.

Period of retention and deletion

We will store your personal data for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected. If you want us to delete information about you, we will do so to the extent this is permissible and we do not have a duty to retain such information, for example under the accounting regulations.

Documents and files submitted to us will be deleted some time after the assignment is completed, in accordance with our internal routines and applicable laws and regulations. You can also request that we delete files and documents immediately after confirming safe receipt thereof.


Bonafide uses Dropbox to send, receive and store files from clients for a certain period in order to process them and send completed translations back to clients in a secure manner. Dropbox is certified under the Privacy Shield regulations in effect between the EU and the USA, and the Privacy Shield regulations between Switzerland and the USA.

Your rights when we process your personal data

You have the right to view and correct (and delete, see above) your personal data and documents. You may also demand correction or deletion of inadequate or incorrect information under Norwegian law.

Should you wish to stop receiving communications from us, please let us know. We reserve the right to contact you through any other contact details to talk to you about how you want us to process your personal data in future, if relevant.

Submission of information is entirely voluntary, whether explicit or implicit.

You also have the right to demand restricted processing and to object to processing. Please read more about the content of these rights on the Norwegian Data Protection Authority website

To exercise your rights, you must contact us, see our contact details elsewhere. We will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

We will ask you to confirm your identity or provide further information before we let you exercise your rights. This we do to be certain we give access to your personal data to you only and not to someone purporting to be you.

You may at any time withdraw your consent to process your personal data. The easiest way to do this, is by contacting us.

Controller’s contact details

Bonafide Translatørbyrå AS is the Controller. Please write to us at or call +47-51891010 regarding all privacy matters.

The general manager of Bonafide Translatørbyrå AS is the main responsible party for processing of personal data. Such data is processed in accordance with relevant laws and for the purposes you permit through explicit and implicit consent or subject to legal grounds.


If you feel that our processing of personal data is not compliant with what we have explained here, or that we abuse privacy legislation in other respects, you may submit a complaint to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

For more details on how to contact the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, consult their webpage at

Changes and policy updates

Any changes in our services or regulations with respect to processing of personal data may imply changes in the information given here. We reserve the right to update this privacy policy without further notice. The latest version will be displayed on the webpage.

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Our website uses Google Analytics to analyse website use. We receive information about which pages are used most frequently, where the users come from, at what times the pages are most frequently visited, etc. Google Analytics also collects aggregated data on how you use our website. We can also generate demographic reports and interest reports in order to better understand who our users are. Based on these separate and automatically generated reports, we make decisions on how to improve user experience on the website.

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Updated 23 January 2020

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